Custom Self-Inking Stamps: From Design to Impression

Designed to make your mark memorable, utilizing the high-quality and durable Trodat models, renowned for their reliability and crisp impressions.

Design Without Limits: Customizable Self-Inking Stamps

Your stamp should be as unique as you are. That's why we offer the ultimate in customization: hundreds of designs ready to go or the option to create something entirely new. Share your design, pick your ink color - black, blue, red, green, or purple - and watch as we bring your vision to life. Perfect for adding that personal touch to any document, invitation, or project, our stamps are designed to showcase your individuality.

Return Address, Refined
Self-Inking Address Stamps

Our self-inking return address stamps offer a durable, efficient solution for anyone looking to save time without sacrificing style.

Ideal for realtors, law firms, small businesses, or personal use, these stamps guarantee that your mail stands out with a clear, consistent, and customized touch.

Your Brand on Display
Self-Inking Logo Stamps

Our self-inking signature stamps bring a new level of convenience and elegance to signing documents, checks, and personal correspondence. Perfectly crafted to replicate your signature, these stamps ensure a seamless, consistent impression with each use.

Grading Made Grand
Self-Inking Teacher Stamps

Tailored to make every assessment an opportunity for encouragement, feedback, and a dash of fun, these stamps are the perfect classroom companion. From "Great Job!" to "Needs Improvement," convey meaningful messages with clarity and a personal touch.

Save time without sacrificing the personal connection that nurtures students' growth and achievement.

The Right Shapes and Sizes for Every Impression

Find the perfect expression for every message with our custom self-inking stamps, available in both intimate round and professional rectangle shapes, as well as commanding X-Large sizes.

A custom rubber stamp imprint on a business card for Off the Leash Creations with paw prints and contact information on a textured background


Rectangular self-inking stamps have an impression area of 2.3" in length and 0.8" in height.

extra large self inking rubber stamp, trodat model ideal 4926


Round XL stamps have a 2" diameter impression area. Rectangular XL stamps are 3” x 1.5”.

A circular black ink stamp on brown paper with the words CUSTOM LOGO STAMP beside paper flowers.


Round self-inking stamps have an impression dimension area of 1.68" in diameter.

custom self inking signature stamp with example full signature imprinted on a white legal paper


Self-Inking Signature Stamps

Our self-inking signature stamps bring a new level of convenience and elegance to signing documents, checks, and personal correspondence. Perfectly crafted to replicate your signature, these stamps ensure a seamless, consistent impression with each use.

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I love my stamp! Shipped quickly and packaged perfectly. I use it on all of my packaging for my little in home bakery business and it looks so much more appealing than just printing a label. Highly recommend!

Jessica Sanborn

We love how the stamp came out! It’s adorable and perfect for our needs!


I love the stamp, it turned out to be exactly what I expected. Also, the whole process from uploading the logo to approving the design to receiving the package is very pleasant.

Jackie Leuschke
Name It, Claim It
Self-Inking Name Stamps for Clothes

For busy parents and guardians, our self-inking name stamps for clothes offer a quick, hassle-free way to label kids' garments for school, sports, and camp. These stamps deliver a durable, clear impression that stays put through washes.

Bound by Books
Self-Inking Book Stamps

For the avid reader and collector, our self-inking book stamps are the perfect accessory to personalize and protect your precious collection. These stamps not only declare ownership but also weave a thread of your personality through each book in your library.

Ideal for those who cherish their volumes and often share them with friends, these stamps ensure your books are returned to your collection.

Dreamy Wedding Stationery
Self-Inking Wedding Stamps

Begin the journey to your wedded bliss with a personal touch that speaks volumes. Our self-inking wedding stamps are here to adorn your invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-you cards with the essence of your love.

Crafted for couples looking to blend tradition with personal flair, these stamps provide an effortless way to add a signature elegance to your wedding correspondence.


Self-inking stamps are a type of stamp that contains a built-in, refillable ink pad. With each impression, the stamp rotates against the pad to re-ink itself, ensuring a consistent, clean print. Ideal for repetitive stamping, they eliminate the need for a separate ink pad, making them a convenient, efficient tool for both personal and professional use.

Self-inking stamps are designed for durability and long-term use. Typically, they can produce thousands of impressions before needing a refill. With proper care, the stamp itself can last for several years.

Self-inking stamps feature a built-in ink pad that re-inks the stamp die before each impression, ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping. Pre-inked stamps, on the other hand, have ink impregnated directly into the stamp die, giving crisper imprints and longer ink life but may require slower, more deliberate use to allow the ink to flow.

Self-inking stamps have an internal ink pad and a spring mechanism. When you press down, the stamp flips, making contact with the ink pad, then rotates to make an impression on the paper. This efficient design allows for quick, clean stamping without the need for a separate ink pad.

Our custom self-inking stamps are priced affordably to fit your needs: $26.99 for the standard size and $30.99 for the X-large size. Each stamp is designed to provide value and quality, making your investment worthwhile.