a stack of three square shaped wedding coasters with engraved text the smiths

Custom Marble and Wood Coasters

Our custom-made marble and wood coasters strike a fine balance between personalization and craftsmanship, featuring your design laser-engraved into the Acacia wood and paired with the sophistication of marble, slate, or stone. Available in 20 ready-to-select design templates or customizable to your preference, these coasters add character to any setting and are hand-crafted to impress.

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Showcase of Our Complete Range of Custom Marble and Wood Coasters

Eternal Impressions: Personalize Your Coasters

Every marble & wood coaster is your blank canvas, waiting for a stroke of personalization. Our precise laser engraving etches your creativity into the wood, making each design as everlasting as your memories.

four square shaped coasters showcasing different types of materials

Nature's Finest, Ultimate Protection

Our coasters, crafted from Acacia wood and paired with marble, slate, or stone, offer natural elegance and protection against condensation and heat. Handmade with love, each coaster showcases natural variations in wood color and grain, making every piece unique.

Our choice of materials highlights our commitment to eco-friendliness, emphasizing the use of only natural elements.

Coaster Shapes to Suit Your Style

Personalize your space down to the smallest detail with our coasters offered in round and square designs. Whether you lean towards the timeless elegance of circles or the modern edge of squares, our coasters cater to every preference, seamlessly blending form and function.

round and square coasters with slate and wood materials engraved with family names
20 design options offered to customize coasters with

Make it Yours: Custom Designed Marble & Wood Coasters

Choose from 20 chic templates to have your design laser-engraved on rich Acacia wood, or custom design a one-of-a-kind coaster that's uniquely yours. We can precisely engrave any font, logo, or shape to truly make each coaster a reflection of your personal style.

Made with love in our New England shop, our custom coasters are where your personal touch meets our craftsmanship.

Slip-Proof, Worry-Free

Every coaster in our collection is equipped with a foam padded back, designed to grip, not slip. This ensures your coasters stay in place, protecting your surfaces without any slips or slides, whether they're cradling a cold lemonade or a hot coffee.

So, go ahead and enjoy your favorite beverages without a second thought – our coasters have got your tables covered, literally and stylishly.

back of our custom coasters showing the slip-free foam paddings

Frequently Asked Questions

Our coasters are designed with moisture absorption in mind. Acacia wood, in particular, offers natural absorbency, ensuring your surfaces stay dry.

Absolutely. Combining marble and wood for coasters brings the best of both worlds: the elegance and cool touch of marble with the warmth and absorbency of wood. This duo ensures your coasters are not only stylish but also functional, protecting your surfaces effectively.

All our stone options - marble, slate, and travertine - have their unique benefits for coasters. Marble offers a classic look, slate provides a rustic touch, and stone gives durability. The best choice depends on your aesthetic preference.

The round coasters feature a 3.8-inch diameter, while the square ones are 3.8 inches on each side, offering versatility for all types of glasses and mugs.

Yes, we have an in-house design team that can transform whatever you have in mind into the custom coaster you envision. Send us your sketch, and let's bring your idea to life!