Custom Rectangular Stamps

Our custom rectangular stamps provide the perfect solution for personalizing and branding your items.

Whether you're a small business owner looking to enhance your packaging or an individual seeking to personalize your projects, our stamps offer the flexibility and quality you need. With easy customization and a range of sizes, our stamps are crafted to help you leave a lasting impression.

Your Logo, Framed to Perfection
Rectangular Logo Stamps

Enhance your brand’s presence with our rectangular logo stamps. The elongated shape is ideal for a clean, detailed logo representation, making it a favorite for businesses aiming to stand out with precision and clarity in their branded communications.

Expand Your Reach
Business Card Stamps

Infuse your personal brand into every interaction with our business card stamps. These rectangular stamps are precisely sized to transform blank canvases into professional business cards. 

Perfect for small business owners, our stamps offer an affordable way to make your mark memorable and your business stand out.

Personalized Signature Stamps

Our signature stamps bring the ease of a consistent, clean autograph to all your important documents. Custom-crafted to match your signature, these rectangular stamps are essential for anyone frequently signing checks, contracts, or official documents, saving time without sacrificing authenticity.

Custom Rectangular Stamps: Define Your Edge

Make your mark distinct and dynamic with our range of custom rectangular stamps. Our self-inking, rubber, and engraved wood options guarantee each stamp is personalized to match your exact specifications, making every imprint a true representation of your individual or business identity.

Self-inking rectangular stamp with 'clover design co.' logo used on a kraft paper envelope

Self Inking Rectangle Stamps

Our self-inking rectangular stamps are available in sizes 2.3" x 0.8" for everyday use and 3" x 1.5" for when you need to make a bigger statement.

Rectangular wooden handle rubber stamp for 'NOSTALGIA WOOD FIRED OVEN' and its imprinted logo on a business card

Rectangle Rubber Stamps

Perfect for those who love the classic approach, our rectangular rubber stamps come in a 2.5" x 1" size, offering a traditional stamping experience with a modern edge.

Rectangular engraved wooden stamp with 'FIVE POINT' and deer illustration, imprinting on kraft paper

Rectangular  Engraved Wooden Stamps

For a touch of rustic elegance, our 3" x 2" engraved wooden stamps combine natural beauty with precision craftsmanship, resulting in a stylish and durable tool that enhances your creative expression.

Elegant rectangular return address stamp with the names 'Katherine & Steven Boudreau' on an envelope

Elevate Your Envelopes

Rectangular Return Address Stamps

Put the final touch on your mail with elegance using our customizable rectangle return address stamps. Designed to add a polished look to your letters, invitations, or business mail, these stamps are the perfect blend of function and style.

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I love my stamp! Shipped quickly and packaged perfectly. I use it on all of my packaging for my little in home bakery business and it looks so much more appealing than just printing a label. Highly recommend!

Jessica Sanborn

We love how the stamp came out! It’s adorable and perfect for our needs!


I love the stamp, it turned out to be exactly what I expected. Also, the whole process from uploading the logo to approving the design to receiving the package is very pleasant.

Jackie Leuschke
Smart Labeling
Rectangular Name Stamps for Clothes

Keep track of every piece of clothing with our rectangle name stamps for clothes. Specially designed for fabric use, these stamps make labeling your kids' clothes a breeze. Say goodbye to mix-ups at school or lost items at camp.

A Reader's Signature
Rectangular Book Stamps

Claim your books in style with our customizable rectangular book stamps. Tailored for avid readers and collectors, these stamps offer a sophisticated way to denote ownership and personalize your collection.

Pack a Punch
Rectangular Packaging Stamps

Transform your packaging from ordinary to extraordinary with our rectangular packaging stamps. Designed with small businesses in mind, these stamps offer a quick and easy way to brand your packaging materials. Whether you're stamping paper bags, tags, or boxes, our stamps help you leave a lasting brand impression.


Self-inking stamps are a type of stamp that contains a built-in, refillable ink pad. With each impression, the stamp rotates against the pad to re-ink itself, ensuring a consistent, clean print. Ideal for repetitive stamping, they eliminate the need for a separate ink pad, making them a convenient, efficient tool for both personal and professional use.

Self-inking stamps are designed for durability and long-term use. Typically, they can produce thousands of impressions before needing a refill. With proper care, the stamp itself can last for several years.

Self-inking stamps feature a built-in ink pad that re-inks the stamp die before each impression, ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping. Pre-inked stamps, on the other hand, have ink impregnated directly into the stamp die, giving crisper imprints and longer ink life but may require slower, more deliberate use to allow the ink to flow.

Self-inking stamps have an internal ink pad and a spring mechanism. When you press down, the stamp flips, making contact with the ink pad, then rotates to make an impression on the paper. This efficient design allows for quick, clean stamping without the need for a separate ink pad.

Our custom self-inking stamps are priced affordably to fit your needs: $26.99 for the standard size and $30.99 for the X-large size. Each stamp is designed to provide value and quality, making your investment worthwhile.