Custom Round Stamps

Ideal for both personal use and small businesses looking to stand out, our round stamps add that special signature to every endeavor.

Say goodbye to corners and hello to smooth edges with our custom round stamps. They’re the perfect tool for anyone looking to add a professional or personal touch that stands out. With a simple press, you can transform envelopes, packaging, or even your favorite books into items with a personalized touch.Each round stamp is proudly made in our New England shop, bringing a piece of American craftsmanship to every impression you make.

Round Business Logo Stamps

For the lovers of all things circular, our round business logo stamps are a breath of fresh air. They're like the perfect pizza of the stamp world: complete, satisfying, and leaving a lasting impression. 

Ideal for slapping your logo on just about anything with a flair that says, "We're not just another square." Perfect for businesses that dare to stand out and circle back to what matters most: making a mark that sticks.

Round Return Address Stamps

Who says return addresses need to be straight lines and right angles? Not us! Our round return address stamps are here to add a twist to your mail. Perfect for party invites, personal letters, or just giving bills a bit of flair, these stamps say you're all about making even the small details fun and roundabout.

Round Stamps for Packages

Say goodbye to bland packaging and hello to instant brand recognition with our versatile packaging stamps. Perfect for everything from wrapping paper to shopping bags, these stamps are the game-changer your e-commerce or retail business needs. Step up your packaging game and seal the deal with style using our round packaging stamps.

Custom Round Stamps for Every Needs

Your projects and your business deserve a stamp that speaks volumes. With options from self-inking to traditional rubber and engraved wood, we provide the tools to express your unique style or brand.

self inking round stamp made with Trodat model ideal 4926

Self Inking Round Stamps

Available in a practical 2.3” x 0.8” size or in an XL size of 3” x 1.5” for those needing a larger impact, our self-inking stamps provide crisp results every time.

Wooden handle round stamp with 'stamped with love' engraving imprinting a you are loved message next to a custom logo

Round Rubber Stamps

Our round traditional rubber stamps come with a 1.97” diameter, perfect for making your mark with a classic touch.

Custom round wooden stamp for Kate Creates with elegant script logo imprinted on kraft paper, next to dried lavender spring

Round Engraved Wooden Stamps

With options of 1”, 1.5”, and 2” diameters, our laser-engraved wood mounted stamps offer precision and elegance in every stamp.

Custom ex libris stamp imprint From the Library of M Mary Elizabeth Carter with floral monogram on paper, accompanied by dried lavender


Round Library Book Stamps

Let your book collection come full circle with our round book stamps. Designed for those who cherish their books as much as the stories within, these stamps offer a distinctive, circular touch that sets your book collection apart.

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I love my stamp! Shipped quickly and packaged perfectly. I use it on all of my packaging for my little in home bakery business and it looks so much more appealing than just printing a label. Highly recommend!

Jessica Sanborn

We love how the stamp came out! It’s adorable and perfect for our needs!


I love the stamp, it turned out to be exactly what I expected. Also, the whole process from uploading the logo to approving the design to receiving the package is very pleasant.

Jackie Leuschke
Round Teacher Stamps

Circle back to positivity with our unique round teacher stamps, a tool designed to make feedback as enjoyable as it is educational. These stamps, perfect for teachers who believe in encouragement and constructive criticism, add a creative twist to traditional comments.

Whether it's a gold star, a smiley face, or a simple “Great Job,” these stamps make each accolade a rounded moment of pride.

Round Wedding Rubber Stamps

Seal your love with the endless charm of our round wedding stamps. Crafted for couples who want their wedding stationery to resonate with the circular continuity of their love, these stamps offer a stylish way to customize your invitations, RSVPs, and more. The round design symbolizes the unbroken bond between you and your partner, making each stamp a testament to your eternal commitment.


The main difference lies in their shape and the aesthetic they bring to your projects. Round stamps offer a circular impression, ideal for logos, seals, or adding a unique, cohesive touch to your branding and personal projects. Rectangle stamps provide more space for text and are perfect for addresses, longer messages, or detailed designs. Choosing between them depends on the look you're aiming for and the space you need for your stamping requirements.

Our self-inking round stamps are available in sizes of 2.3” x 0.8” for standard use and 3” x 1.5” for those needing a larger impact. The standard round rubber stamps feature a 1.97” diameter, ideal for a classic stamping touch. Additionally, our engraved wooden stamps come in three sizes: 1”, 1.5”, and 2” in diameter, each providing precision and elegance with natural wood craftsmanship.

Select your stamp type and shape, choose an ink color, and upload your logo. After checkout, you'll get a digital proof within 24-48 hours for approval. Once approved, your stamp ships in a few days.

We offer ink in black, blue, red, green, and purple.

All orders are shipped free via USPS First Class.

Yes, every stamp comes with a lifetime quality guarantee.