Welcome to Stamped With Love!

Hello crafty creators,

Etsy was (and still is) an amazing channel to start our little shop, but we are excited to stretch out our hugs in our new home.

As a creator, it’s important for wisdom to water our hearts so we can nurture what we love.  Love Letters is a room where you can receive inspirational messages to give you hope throughout the week.  My husband Ben and I will trade off with posting each week to give you a peek at both sides of a husband & wife team that run a business together.

Ben's blogs, Start Small, will be lessons from a business founder that focuses on two things: small businesses, and the incremental steps needed to get from point A to point Z when starting an e-commerce brand.

My blog series, From The Heart, will focus on tips for staying authentic with your creations while embracing a chaotic lifestyle. I would love to say "balancing a chaotic lifestyle," but the truth is, I'm still not balanced and I think that's the humor of it. I just embrace the chaos as much as I can. Honesty in every moment is what brings peace even when it's uncomfortable at times.

In addition, we'll be posting other blogs aimed at giving you tips and insights on the handmade goods & gifts - like custom stamps with logo, embossers, and more - that we pour our hearts into here each and every day.

We reap what we sow, so the more you create what you love, the more love you spread.  

xoxo, theresa & ben 

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