The Complete Guide to Return Address on Wedding Invitations

Your beautiful wedding invitations are ready to go out, but don’t drop them in the mailbox just yet!

Make one small oversight and your special day could be tarnished by missing RSVPs and confused guests.

a couple trying to figure out where to place return address stamp on wedding invitation

According to the United States Postal Service's 2019 Annual Report, over 1 billion pieces, or around 1.3% of First Class Mail, never reached its destination that year. That's a lot of potential wedding calamities waiting to happen if save the dates and wedding invitations go astray!

To avoid disasters, proper placement of the return address on wedding invitations is essential. This allows lost mail to find its way back to you for resending. Without it, your save the dates and wedding invites could disappear into the mail abyss forever.

Let's explore the ideal spots for your return address on wedding invites, using inside tips directly from the USPS. With a well-thought-out plan, you can eliminate the worry of undelivered invites and missing RSVPs, freeing you to relish the more delightful elements of wedding preparations.

Front of the Envelope: Tried, Tested, and Postal Service Approved

If your goal is to have happily greeted guests who aren't puzzled by wedding invitation no-shows, go with what the post office knows best. The traditional front return address placement increases visibility for postal workers as well as behind-the-scenes processing success.

According to United States Postal Service guidelines, the optimal return address placement is the upper left corner with the return address text 1/2 inch from the left edge and 6 inches from the bottom.

front of envelope return address placement on wedding invitation

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Following these precise postal regulations for your return address placement minimizes the risk of mail errors and ensures quick automated sorting and delivery right to your recipients' mailboxes.


  • High Visibility & deliverability: Following USPS regulations for front return address placement maximizes visibility in postal processing. Envelopes are automatically sorted by machines reading this clearly marked location.
  • Design Simplicity: Keeping the return address off the back creates an unbroken canvas for a striking back envelope design. Your illustrations, calligraphy, or other artwork can then stand out beautifully without interruption.


  • Space Constraints: The front of the envelope may already contain the names and address of the recipient, wedding date details, or other text elements, leaving less overall room for decorative fonts, illustrations, or embellishments. You'll need to work within a more confined area for your artistic front envelope design.
  • Aesthetic Concerns: A front return address may not suit highly formal wedding themes striving for back envelope calligraphy art as the centerpiece. For certain stylized aesthetic choices like classic formal calligraphy or a regal royal crest design, a front return address can detract from the elegance.

Back of the Envelope: The Aesthetic Alternative

return address example on back of the wedding invitationGive your wedding invitations a handmade touch with our custom wedding rubber stamps.

Choosing the back for return address placement is often driven by a desire for a clean, uncluttered look on the front, especially for those with a keen eye for design or those wishing to adhere to a particular thematic element in their wedding invitations.

This choice, however, is not recommended by USPS guidelines and increases the risk of compromised visibility and delivery success.


  • Design Freedom: The back envelope return address placement liberates the front of the envelope, providing a broader canvas for artistic expressions or key information. This could be particularly appealing to couples looking to incorporate intricate designs, artwork, or a unique font for the recipient's address and other text elements.
  • Less Clutter: By relocating the return address to the back, the front remains uncluttered and easier to read at a glance. This simplicity can emphasize the essential details like the recipient's address and the wedding date, ensuring clarity and immediate recognition.


  • Visibility Risk and USPS Guidelines: Placing the return address on the back may cause postal workers or guests to overlook it, potentially leading to delivery delays or mail returns. This placement could also hinder automated sorting processes. Moreover, deviating from USPS guidelines may complicate claims processing for lost or undelivered mail, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the recommended return address placement.

Choosing Sides: Front or Back for Your Return Address?

Choosing between front and back placement for the return address on wedding invitations boils down to personal preference and priorities. If ensuring the mail's delivery and adhering to USPS guidelines are top priorities, front placement is advisable.

However, if the invitation's aesthetics and design take precedence, and one is willing to take the risk associated with it, back placement can be a stylish alternative. It's essential to weigh the importance of design against the practicality of mail delivery when making this decision.

Placement Pros Cons
Front of the Envelope
  • Postal Service Approved
  • High Deliverability
  • Clear Canvas on the Back
  • Space Limitations
  • Aesthetic Concerns
Back of the Envelope
  • Design Freedom
  • Emphasis on Key Details
  • Visibility Risk
  • Not USPS Recommended

Beyond the Basics: Pro Tips for Wedding Invites that Wow

You've got the basics of wedding planning covered; now it's time to go beyond. Master the art of mailing with these advanced tips that will make your wedding invitations—and their return addresses—absolutely unforgettable.

Hand cancelling

Stamping your envelopes is a great way to add personality and vintage flair. This manual postal marking indicates the stamps have been processed, giving your wedding mail an artsy, personalized touch.

To hand cancel, ask your post office to run each envelope through an ink cancelling device that applies their unique postal mark. It's an extra step but assures proper postage and reduces the risk of damage from automated equipment. We recommend calling ahead to confirm hand cancellation services and any fees at your local post office.

Creative return address stamps for Weddings

wedding rubber stamp set

Wedding rubber stamps produce consistent, legible text while adding artistic style. They're perfect for large guest lists, saving time without sacrificing a cohesive look. Mix things up with a bold serif font, floral motifs, or other designs that channel your wedding vision. We love how return address stamps make each envelope unique while keeping key details clear and postally perfect.

Readable Font

Using a clear, readable serif font like Times New Roman ensures smooth processing by the postal service. Times New Roman was rated the most readable serif font in a study by the Software Usability Research Laboratory at Wichita State University. It had the highest readability and comprehension ratings for on-screen text.

times new roman font

Other good options include Georgia, Palatino, Arial or Helvetica. Avoid overly elaborate scripts or thin, smudging fonts. The key is to select a clean, simple, legible font with each letter easily discernible from the next.

Wedding Invitation Return Address: Balancing Style and Practicality

In conclusion, your choice of return address placement on wedding invitations depends on your priorities and preferences.

Placing it on the front of the envelope, following USPS guidelines, ensures efficient mail processing and delivery but may limit artistic design. Conversely, putting it on the back allows creative freedom but may compromise visibility and stray from USPS guidelines.

Above all, it's important to remember that what matters most is celebrating with loved ones, not perfect invitations. Focus on the joy of the occasion and the moments you'll cherish forever.

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