Creating A "Mood Board" That's Authentic To You

In our last blog post, one of the topics Benny focused on was creating a brand identity. 

As creators, we want to make sure what we share with the world feels true to us.  The reality is, truth will attract our own kind. So the more we know ourselves, the more we’ll attract the right customers.  

Here are 3 tips on creating a “mood board” that keeps it real and true to you!  

  1. This is the fun part-Close your eyes and think about what makes you HAPPY!  Examples: Watching your favorite TV show, hanging out with friends, or maybe hiking! 
  2. Write a list of all those things that bring you joy and write down the colors that resonate with you!  There are no rules or boundaries! If you don’t know, go on Pinterest or any other social platforms and see who you follow and what you attract.  Base your decisions on what you like already. This shouldn’t be forced and should feel natural. Still stuck? Here’s an idea: go into your closet and see what color clothes you have. Everything around you is a symbol of who you are!
  3. Create a Collage with all the photos, quotes and colors. Define each picture with a word that describes what you feel when you encounter it. If you don’t know how to create a collage you can:  Create a Canva account (if you haven’t already) and search “mood board.” Select the type of board that resonates with your list.  

Below is a picture of a “Mood Board”  I created for my music brand.  I’m also a singer/songwriter so I apply the same Brand Identity principles to my music. It’s very similar to Stamped with Love because I’m the same person behind each board!    

mood board

Most importantly, remember that there are no rules when creating a “mood board.” Stay true to what makes you happy and you'll give off an authentic energy and attract customers that resonate with your brand. Good luck! 

xoxo, theresa

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