Be What You Believe (3 Tips On Nurturing Your Creations)

Our inner belief system is so important for us creators. It allows us to create from a place that feels real and true.  Do you find yourself creating more when your self-esteem is higher and when you feel loved?  

As we all know, there are times in our journey where we may feel the complete opposite of this belief system, but we still feel we have a responsibility to create. And it’s hard to do that when we feel so unmotivated!

Over time, I’ve learned that we don’t need to run from our feelings.  Sometimes we need to BE the belief instead of waiting for the feeling to catch up.  When you bring your heart and fractured feelings into your creations you’ll be surprised what evolves. 

3 Nurturing Tips 

  • Mother yourself: Talk to yourself like you are taking care of a child that needs hope and inspiration.
  • Create in a space that makes you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Have an intention before you start creating.  Your intuition will always guide you because it’s your friend. TRUST ME!   

I hope these tools will encourage you to put all your heart and truth into your creations.  Don’t wait for motivation to be the driver of your success. Your creations are your personal miracles, so make your intentions confidently (even when you may not FEEL confident) so you can inspire yourself and those around you.

xoxo, theresa 



In the video clip below, I’m stamping a custom logo stamp one of our customers ordered.  This is our round wooden stamp.  We also offer stamps in:


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